Last updated: July 12, 2017

Michael Payne & Taylor Pfeifer, Partners at Fancy
Fancy is a creative studio that helps businesses provide more meaningful consumer experiences through formative strategies, captivating brand narratives, and inventive art-based design. Michael and Taylor have worked with small and large clients both locally and abroad—from big ad agencies in Los Angeles, to mom and pop shops in tiny places you’ve probably never heard of (Hamlet of Furdale anyone?). Their experience extends from local to international, and they’re excited about it all.

Andrew Scott at Island
Island Collective is a website design and digital marketing firm focused on solving company’s business goals through elegant, custom design. We offer marketing strategy, branding, website design, print design, and app development for businesses of all sizes. We are strong believers that a beautiful brand will set you apart from your competitors and make you memorable to your potential customers.

Daria Malin at Boost Strategic Coaching

Daria Malin is the owner of Boost Strategic Coaching and author of the book Hands-On Marketing; The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Advertising and Branding.  Daria is an advisor who works alongside business owners to line up their marketing, branding and sales.  She becomes the “co-pilot” in their business as they work toward their growth goals, becoming a trusted source of support, guidance, and accountability.  Daria spent almost 20 years in media advertising, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, and is a graduate of The Wizard Academy Nontraditional Business School in Austin, Texas.

*Daria will advise clients on marketing & sales and will meet with those who are in operations already.


Michael Poulin, Principal/ Customer Experience Consultant at Poulin Strategy

Michael Poulin is a marketing expert with over 18 years of experience leading market research, segmentation, branding, product development and advertising. As the former Director of Research at Checkmate Strategic Planning, he has provided data-driven marketing advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses across industries such as agriculture, telecom, utilities, banking, retail, government and publishing. As the principal consultant at Poulin Strategy, he focuses on improving customer experiences to increase brand loyalty and generate positive word of mouth for growing businesses.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Regina’s Administration program and has worked in both provincial government and small agency settings. Michael also loves to teach and has been a guest lecturer at the University of Regina and Saskatchewan Polytechnic since 2012.  He is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).

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