Business Succession Planning: Owner's Workbook

If you own a business, at some point you may want to hand over the reins to someone else.  The question is — do you have any idea how that transition, or succession, might take place?  A succession plan is vital to make exiting your business take place smoothly, maximize your profit and protect the jobs of your employees.

This workbook was created to guide you through the key things you should consider whether you plan to exit your business soon or sometime in the future.  In this workbook, you will:

  • Understand why a succession plan is necessary
  • Learn the steps of creating a succession plan
  • Review your current situation including goals, challenges, and future plans (business and personal)
  • Determine who should be part of your advisory team
  • Discover what your succession options are
  • Calculate how much your business is worth
  • Understand legal and tax implications including estate planning
  • Get tips on how to choose your successor
  • And more…

Download the Business Succession Planning: Owner’s Workbook