Expert Advice and Guidance

Thinking of starting or expanding your business but unsure where to start?  Square One offers an extensive range of services and resources to help you successfully launch or grow your business in Saskatchewan.



Business Registration Assistance

We can assist you to register your business and its name with Information Services Corporation (ISC).  ISC maintains information for all legal entities, businesses and non-profit organizations registered with the province of Saskatchewan.



Market Research & Reports

Square One’s databases provide industry information, business profiles, demographic data, expenditure reports, trends, and more. The customizable reports provide Saskatchewan entrepreneurs with material to ensure they make strategic business decisions. These services are provided to our clients at no cost.



Guest Advisor Program

A one-on-one consultation with industry experts to ask specific questions related to your business.

–  Tax & Accounting Advisor
–  Business Plan Advisor & Reviewer
–  Branding & Advertising Advisor
–  Legal Advisor
–  Trade & Export Advisor

Resources and Tools

Square One offers checklists, business fact sheets and document templates to equip you with all the information and resources you need to start start or expand your business in Saskatchewan.  Please call or email us for any documents you may require!