The purpose of this workshop is to introduce you to bookkeeping. It will describe bookkeeping, why it is necessary, the benefits of a good bookkeeping system and what questions it answers. You will learn that bookkeeping is a core function of every business and that it provides the basis for all financial reporting and thus financial decisions.

Through realistic examples, you will learn a simple bookkeeping system and how to maintain a bookkeeping ledger. You will see how the ledger totals summarize into tax reporting and financial statements. Your business is a reflection of the passion you have for the product or service you sell.

Don’t let managing the paperwork damper your enthusiasm. Be professional in the record keeping side as well by learning how maintain and use a set of financial records to your advantage.

  • Do you know how to keep your books?
    Doing so is essential for correct GST, PST and income tax filings.
  • Do you want to keep more of your money?
    Accurate on-time filing is essential to avoiding interest and penalties that governments assess.
  • Do you want to understand the overall health of your business?
    Accurate bookkeeping is essential.

Good bookkeeping habits can lessen many of the difficulties new businesses encounter. By being proactive with a good set of financial records, you can avoid the pitfalls of the unknown and be ready when deadlines for tax reporting and remittances come up.

Presented by:

Jennifer Smith, Accountant
Women Entrepreneurs of Sask

Women Entrepreneurs Of Saskatchewan, Cope Way, Saskatoon, SK