3b4e693Manpreet Sangha is a true supporter of small business in Saskatchewan. As an Economic Development Officer at the Estevan Chamber of Commerce, a diversified, member driver network of business striving to improve the business climate and community well-being, Manpreet promotes the facilitation and growth of economic development in her community and Saskatchewan, and  specializes in business retention and expansion, such as facilitating expansion, real estate and development solutions.

1.  Tell us about yourself and the Estevan Chamber of Commerce.
The Estevan Chamber of Commerce is a diversified, member-driven network of businesses striving to improve the business climate and community well-being. As the voice of Estevan’s business community, the Estevan Chamber of Commerce provides its members with a direct line of communication to municipal, provincial and federal political leaders. It is committed to fostering growth in your community and working for the benefit of its membership. It holds membership with both the Saskatchewan and Canadian Chambers of Commerce. I work as the Economic Development Officer with the Estevan Chamber of Commerce.

2. What do you do as an Economic Development Officer? How does your position assist the development of the economy and entrepreneurs? How do you help entrepreneurs and small business owners?
The City of Estevan, R.M. of Estevan #5 and the Estevan Chamber of Commerce are committed to promoting the growth and development of the community, and improving the quality of life for all citizens. My position involves business retention and expansion. This includes facilitating real estate and development solutions, providing customized solutions on various issues such as expansion, location and outsourcing and facilitating business linkages and introductions. Business attraction is another area of focus. This is achieved by promoting Estevan as a place to do business, providing relocation and site selection services, providing information regarding municipal permitting, licensing and taxation. Database is maintained about the local and regional industry information. The Chamber helps the entrepreneurs by guiding them in the right direction and providing contacts of the right people. It addresses the concerns of the local businesses. Workforce development is focused through providing linkages to immigration services and coordinating the labour attraction strategies.

3. What do you find most exciting about the Saskatchewan economy right now?
The growth and rate of growth is exciting for the province of Saskatchewan. Infrastructural development throughout the province is worth mentioning. It is good to see the increase in the population and one of the lowest unemployment rate across the country.

4. What would you like to see in the future as we move into a new year? What are some challenges that you see either in Estevan or Saskatchewan in terns on economic development and small business?
We would like to address the issue of skilled labour force to help businesses in the long run.

5. How did resources like Square One help your organization?
Square one has been a great resource for the updated information about the economy of Estevan. All the statistics are provided in a timely manner. Square One has a wealth of resources. It helps the prospective investors by providing complete information about the economy and thereby helps in assessing the needs of the market.