Tonic | a Shop for Women

2 Locations:
122 2nd Ave North
802B 10th Street (off Broadway)

And an online store:

farminista tonic

Square One recently sat down with established business owner Roxanne Woodley to gain her insight on being an entrepreneur. Roxanne is the founder and owner of Tonic | A shop for women. Planet S has voted Tonic as the best place for women to shop since 2008.

1. Describe your business and what services it offers.

Tonic is a retail women’s store with two locations: 122 2nd Ave South and 802B 10th Street (off Broadway). We specialize in clothing, accessories and giftware. In addition, we now offer an online store, Farminista.

2. What inspired you to start your own business?

I was inspired by shopping in other cities. I saw a niche market for a women’s dress shop in Saskatoon at that time. I knew that people would be interested in what we had to offer. We were not just about dresses but also unique pieces and accessories.

3. How did using the Canadian Business Network benefit you in developing your business?

They helped in writing my business plans. They were able to provide stats on spending habits for specific neighborhoods. In addition, they also helped with navigating ISC for registering my business and incorporating.

4. What Advice would you give to potential entrepreneurs?

Your business plan is very important. Reassess or rewrite your business plan every year because your goals could change or the market could shift. Business people are creative, even though it’s not fun look at your cash flow projection every year. Looking at your cash flow projections is key. If you don’t understand it, hire a professional.