50 Over 50 Awards

June 30, 2018


The WISE 50 over 50 Award recognizes and celebrates Canadian Entrepreneurs over the age of 50!

The newest and fastest growing segment of entrepreneurship is led by people over the age of 50. It’s time to recognize their accomplishments and let all of Canada know what they are doing and what they have to offer.

With the help of 80 organizations across Canada spreading the word through their networks and social media, the inaugural WISE 50 over 50 Award received 95 applications/nominations with representation from all Provinces and the Northwest Territory.

We are doing things a bit different this year. We asked some of the 2017 winners if they would like to Judge their peers this year and they jumped at the opportunity. They understand the importance of older entreprenuership and want to support it in any way they can. Make sure to visit the judges page and the 2017 Winners speak out where you will see what they are saying about the awards.

Check out the 2017 winners page on this website. Every winner has their own web page where you can find out more about the successes of 50 Canadian businesses started and owned by people over the age of 50!

Apply or nominate someone today!


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