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Spotlight on Social Responsibility

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The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) March.12.2018

Become more globally competitive with social responsibility

Are you interested in becoming a more socially responsible business but unsure of where to start and the potential benefits? Implementing socially responsible business practices can cut costs, encourage innovation and strengthen your company’s brand image resulting in an improved competitive standing within your target market(s).

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) is pleased to present the new Spotlight on Social Responsibility, an informative guide that sheds light on strategies to help you affect social, environmental and economic differences that have a positive impact on your

You will learn about:

✓ The numerous ways that being socially responsible can help your business
✓ Emerging trends in socially responsible business practices such as clean tech, social
innovation and intrapreneurship
✓ Opportunities created by Canadian and international corporate social responsibility
(CSR) guidelines
✓ How the TCS can connect you with CSR-related expertise and partners in specific markets
around the world

Contribute to your company’s success. Download your free copy of the Spotlight on Social Responsibility today.

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